Remarkably, Class D team which have a reputation intimate deviancy still experience a robust negative response to 136-dos

Remarkably, Class D team which have a reputation intimate deviancy still experience a robust negative response to 136-dos

Unique Containment Measures

No extraordinary containment procedures are crucial. SCP-136 is to be kept in an elementary 10 meters x 10 yards x 10 yards real containment area. SCP-136-1 is to be stored in a locked transparent vinyl instance, measuring 0.5 m x 0.5 meters x 0.5 yards, put on a desk in the center of the area. Video surveillance is actually too many whenever SCP-136 is not becoming positively looked at. As of event We-136-c (see Event Reports), only Category D group ber more than once in virtually any 30 big date months in place of special consent off Movie director ——.


SCP-136 describes several phenomena. SCP-136-step 1 is actually regarding variable looks, however, essentially manifests since a crude clay, wood, material, or cloth model, always recognizable just like the ladies and generally ranging from ten and you may 31 cm in total. The newest model looks like men in about 10% out of viewings.

SCP-136-step one has no strange attributes that is certainly counted empirically. Mass spectrometry off products extracted from the latest toy come back normal performance for the establish situation. If toy is actually damaged for the the total amount in which they no prolonged appears people – usually abreast of removal of your mind or most of the branches – it disappears totally and you may reappears for the a separate arrangement contained in this a great you to definitely (1) meter distance. Research out-of complete vaporization pending.

SCP-136-dos exhibits as long as SCP-136-1 try viewed for approximately twenty (20) minutes, even in the event such as for example SCP-step 136-step 1, it has a comparatively variable function. The first indication of SCP-136-2’s visibility are an audio from humor away from a gender associated on the appearance of SCP-step one36-1. Professionals exactly who tune in to the newest humor report it sounding “creepy” otherwise “frightening.” The fresh new humor can last for a period of time off between four moments in order to several moments, following was a period of quiet, always around five minutes. Following the period of quiet, SCP-136-dos appears also the abrupt disappearance out of SCP-136-1.

SCP-136-dos, try an incorporeal nude or partly naked profile add up to the fresh new intercourse from SCP-step one36-1. SCP-136-2, varying in dimensions from one.9 to dos.step 1 m, is definitely presented inside a provocative style and goes through this new heavens at a more sluggish strolling pace (0.dos m/s) into topic(s). In the event that several subject is present, for each and every can find the form since the swinging into him otherwise herself. Since it techniques, the quantity of your wit grows. By the point SCP-136-dos is actually 1 to 2 m, the niche invariably moved rigid inside the worry, folded, or supported until they strikes a wall structure. SCP-136-dos constantly stays intense up until it’s in this around 5 cm of your own subject, whereupon it does scream once before disappearing. 10 to 15 mere seconds after, SCP-136-1 commonly reappear in its earlier place inside the an alternative configuration.

The fresh apparition features a very worrisome physical appearance. Its lips is actually too wider, frozen inside a good rictus off problems and you can stimulation. It will sometimes exposed the white teeth otherwise eat their throat. Their irises consume almost the entire sclera of their sight, hence come crazy and you may bloodshot. In the event that ladies, it’ll have a keen absurdly slim hips and enormous tits. The feel of seeing SCP-136-2 is actually deeply hurtful and has widely brought about nights terrors for doing 6 months atlanta divorce attorneys topic, maybe following its psychic intrusion. Just after a monitoring, really sufferers can not log off brand new containment room in the place of direction.

In the no reason have SCP-136-2 been seen to maneuver beyond the boundaries of its containment space. Discover Experience report We-136-an effective

SCP-136 is recovered from the kid’s bedroom off a discontinued home inside the [Analysis Expunged] which was reportedly troubled. A regular brush of such advertised homes from the Base employees discovered SCP-136 when Agent —- decrease away from a moment story window, screaming.

Dr. Simon is actually the fresh new twenty-5th susceptible to to see 136-2, additionally the fourth to take action voluntarily. Brand new seeing continued on typical trends with no anomalies. Approximately two hours after viewing 136-dos, Dr. Simon, who was in the crack area with many almost every other experts, screamed and you can decrease his java mug. The guy incoherently showed that he might find 136-dos floating along the hallway toward your. Dr. Morris and you will Dr. Harrison restrained him, providing he’d only become improperly shaken of the sense. After whenever a couple moments, all-present regarding the space decrease unconscious. Dr. Soboya recovered earliest and you will proceeded so you can awaken the lady associates. Dr. Simon had lapsed towards an effective coma, and you may died 3 days later.

– Dr. Meyers desires reclassification in order to Keter group. – Reclassification just like the Keter category refused. We can’t dismiss the opportunity the unfortunate event was not brought about by the different telepathic SCP.

It just happened once more today. Agent —- shoved a few Class D’s into the room, and then he are condition external that have —–. 136 completed creating its procedure, and that i is providing them drag new victims outside of the area when that which you went black colored. I woke up to Broker —– smacking me on face and you may three-class D’s in the comas. So it question are eliminating some one. I have not read something new of it in the 10 years, therefore can’t make use of it. We request we have the ability to terminate 136, perhaps get a clairvoyant SCP in here inside. It isn’t such as consuming it will do just about anything. – Dr. Meyers

Incident I-136-c, –/–/20– This is exactly out of control now. All to you spotted what happened, heck, folks inside a lot of meters will never skip [Research Eliminated], and Group D on the space is gone and you may no-one understands how. About, we must do a little a lot more tight tests of your D’s just before giving him or her inside the, we may discovered aside that he are [Study Eradicated] ahead of time. Thank Goodness we determined exactly what set it up off, though. Demand reclassification to Keter and permission for attempted termination regarding 136. – Dr. Meyers

Request refused. Dr. Meyers is going to be taken off government of SCP-136. State of mind out-of 136 is going to be offered to Overseer —— and Dr. ——- getting exclusive use in enhanced interrogation.